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Backyard Repointing Projects


What kinds of masonry repointing services are usually necessary in the backyard? In this article, we will provide a brief definition of repointing, and describe five repointing projects that are common in yards across the Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph regions. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Royal Masonry if your property requires repointing.


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Repointing is the skill of repairing the deteriorating mortar between bricks, stones, or concrete block structures. The following list is intended to remind homeowners that our repointing services extend to structures other than homes and office buildings. Any structure that uses mortar will require repointing over time as the life expectancy of the mortar is less than that of the brick, concrete, or stone.

Repointing Retaining Walls

Nature leaves us with interesting problems to solve. One of these is uneven terrain in our yards. Often the slopes are not enough to trouble us, but sometimes we are left with spaces that are unworkable, or even dangerous. Retaining walls can help us solve the problem by holding back areas of soil and allowing us to create level spaces that are more usable.

However, retaining walls require regular maintenance to prevent them from losing their effectiveness, and one of the most common areas of concern is the mortar between the bricks or stones used to build the wall. At Royal Masonry, we are experienced at both building and maintaining retaining walls. Contact us if you have a retaining wall that is in need of repointing.

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Garden Walls

Garden walls can be built from a number of different materials, but the most common tend to be brick, stone, and concrete block. Unless you have a garden wall that is constructed of dry flagstone, all of these three types of walls will require repointing. This is because the mortar between the bricks or stones will eventually deteriorate, beginning to crumble, and thus lose its effectiveness as a binding agent. Repointing is best left to professional stonemasons who understand its importance and are trained to carry it out effectively.

Fabulous Fountains

Our post entitled “5 Great Flagstone Walls” showcases a selection of fabulous fountains from around the internet. Some do not use mortar, but most do as it is a workable paste that has been used for centuries to build rigid structures by filling in the spaces between the bricks, concrete blocks, or stones being used.

Like any of these types of structures, fountains also require regular maintenance that includes the repointing of the mortar between the stones. To maintain your fountain, contact the experts at Royal Masonry.

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Fire Pits

Like fountains, fire pits can bring homeowners great pleasure. They can provide a relaxing atmosphere, particularly in the cool of the evening after a long, hot summer day. Some fire pits seem to be randomly created from loose stones that are un-mortared. However, many are mortared in order to bind the bricks or stones together and prevent the fire pit from collapsing in on itself.

If your fire pit has been mortared it will, of course, require repointing from time to time. While many view this as a job to be carried out by a handyman, homeowners with professionally landscaped lots may prefer to hire a stonemason to carry out the repairs in order to maintain their property to the highest standards.

Outdoor Kitchens

Our post entitled 5 Flagstone Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas” is intended to inspire homeowners with a selection of outdoor kitchen ideas. If you currently have an outdoor kitchen or are planning to build one, you may wish to hire a stonemason both for the construction and maintenance of the structure. As with all the structures listed on this page, repointing of the stones is necessary to maintain structural integrity.

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Why Choose Royal Masonry?

The Royal Masonry Team is proud to provide repointing services to homeowners in the Kitchener – Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph area. We provide the best workmanship possible and always carry out our work in a professional manner. Royal Masonry believes in providing superior customer service and is committed to finishing our work quickly, efficiently, and with a minimum of disruption to your daily routine. Call us today for a face-to-face appointment.