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Brick Retaining Walls – Kitchener, Waterloo


Looking for more information on brick retaining wall services in Kitchener & Waterloo? If you think you need a retaining wall for practical purposes, or are considering a retaining wall for the appeal that it might have, contact us at Royal Masonry.


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Purpose of Brick Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are purpose built to “retain” the soil behind them. They can be built from numerous types of materials, reach a wide variety of heights, and be used primarily for practical purposes, cosmetic appearance, or frequently for a combination of both. Brick walls usually take two basic forms. These are the “Cavity Wall” or “Block Core Wall.” Both forms require an interior that is brick, while much or all of the exterior is brick. Our post entitled “Retaining Wall Build And Maintenance In Kitchener-Waterloo” has more information regarding retaining walls.

 Concrete Blocks Concrete Blocks

Two Types of Retaining Wall

There are two main types of retaining walls. The first is the Block Core Wall and the second is the Brick Cavity Wall. A brief explanation of both follows.

The Block Core Wall

Block Core Brick Walls are the most common of the two brick wall types. They consist of a brick wall with an inner core of concrete blocks, steel, and cement. Standard concrete building blocks are built upon a foundation with rebar and poured concrete used to add interior strength.

Brick is then used to face the wall, creating a far more attractive appearance than the bare concrete block.  This relatively inexpensive wall may not require a specialist mason to build it, however, it is not an easy project and does require skill and physical strength. If you require a strong, durable wall that can cope with moisture, this may be the answer to your requirements. Call us for more advice and information. We have decades of experience building walls.

Brick Cavity Wall

Although less common these days, the cavity wall is constructed entirely out of brick. This wall is created by pouring concrete between two brick walls, with rebar for increased structural strength. The larger number of bricks required makes the construction more expensive and labour intensive.

Cavity walls can also be built with an inner wall of concrete blocks, thus providing some cost savings compared to the traditional brick cavity wall. The photo below is an example of a brick cavity wall with an inner concrete block wall under construction.

 Brick Cavity Wall Brick Cavity Wall

Brick Retaining Walls As Landscaping Features

Landscaping has become an increasingly popular way to add visual appeal, atmosphere, and value to your property. One common way to do this is to use brick retaining walls. They can accomplish something as simple as the retaining wall below, which creates two even levels, creating separate lawn and patio spaces, while adding the linear form and interest of brick.

Other brick walls can demonstrate your creativity and passion for aesthetics. The example below overflows with nature’s beauty while blending perfectly with the timeless treasure of brick.

 Christine Caruso on Pinterest Christine Caruso on Pinterest

What Does Royal Masonry Do?

We will provide the advice you need concerning retaining wall types, brick and concrete block types, height, shape, and purpose for your brick wall project.  Royal Masonry ensures that nothing but the best quality service is guaranteed, and we bring our professional approach to every job. We have a team of professional stonemasons ready to provide the best workmanship possible. If you expect nothing less than a project completed to your satisfaction, then rest assured that we will not be satisfied until you are! We operate in the Kitchener- Waterloo area, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Retaining wall build time varies from project to project, but typically takes a few days.


Retaining Wall Build And Maintenance In Kitchener-Waterloo

Brick Retaining Walls

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