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Church Restoration – Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph


Church buildings, like other buildings, require constant maintenance and repair, and church restoration work in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph areas is no different. If you are considering masonry or other repairs to your main church building or other church properties, make sure that you hire professionals. Contact us at Royal Masonry if you are discussing restoring any of your church properties.


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Brick and Stone Repairs to the Main Building

Church buildings can range from a few short years to centuries of age. Whatever the age or condition, each church brings its own unique set of challenges. Whether it be a rural church in a secluded setting or a heritage building in a busy downtown core, all eventually require brick and/or stone repairs. Read our blog entitled “6 Commercial Restoration Ideas” for a brief outline of common building repairs that we carry out. You can be confident that if your building is a heritage property, we have the skills to restore it to its former glory.

Repairing Surrounding Walls

Many churches, especially older ones, have walls surrounding a cemetery or some area of the church property. These walls may be intended to mark out a boundary line or they may be designed as retaining walls. Walls, whether they be brick or stone, require repointing and other repairs. While repairs to smaller retaining walls can sometimes be taken care of by members of your congregation, repairs to larger retaining walls require special knowledge and skills and should not be attempted by a layperson. Stonemasons are skilled at this type of work, making it prudent to contact a professional if any walls on your church property require repointing.

The Manse

Don’t forget the manse! Often older churches come with a manse or parsonage attached to or near the church building. Sometimes the manse is built with identical materials to the main church building. Other times it is a newer addition to the church property. It may even be a building that was purchased from or donated by private owners. Whatever the situation, when carrying out repairs and restoration work, we will always attempt to match the existing brick or stone to the best of our abilities and to the extent that those types of materials are available.

Working With Decision Makers

We understand that church property maintenance decisions are made differently than those of private home owners. Where a private owner can make an on-the-spot decision to go ahead with a project, churches usually make team decisions. This means that there is often a timeline that comes into play. At Royal Masonry, we will work closely with your deacons board, property committee, elders, or whoever the decision makers are in your congregation. You can expect us to be courteous, patient, and respectful of church traditions while working together with you to make your building safer, more attractive, and worthy of its status as a sacred place of worship in your community.

Trust Royal Masonry

Royal Masonry has years of commercial restoration experience. Our team of expert craftsmen are qualified stonemasons who take pride in their work. Consider drawing on our wealth of knowledge and practical experience when your church requires repairs and restoration. We are familiar with the types of weather damage that a church can experience.  Entrust us with your church property restoration work and be confident that you are in good hands. Contact us for a professional, no-obligation evaluation.