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Patio Repair – Leading Causes of Damage to Patios


Any property that has a patio will eventually require patio repair. Listed below are some leading causes of damage to patios. These include winter depression damage, water damage under stones, water damage to mortared patios, and cracks to concrete due to weather.  If you have a patio that requires repair, don’t hesitate to contact us. 


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Winter Depression Damage

Winter can be cruel to Canadian patios. The freezing and subsequent thawing along with ongoing cold temperatures can cause the blocks and stones to sink. Heavy objects that are left outside over winter, like barbecues, can cause the soil under the stones or bricks to shift. This will create a depression where your barbecue was located. The best time to repair this damage is in the late spring/early summer when the ground has dried out and is stable.

Water Damage Under Stones

Water can flow under stones, causing them to shift or crack. As noted above, this can be the result of water thawing after a cold, hard winter. However, water damage can also happen as a result of poor drainage. If proper drainage has not been included under the patio during its installation, problems can arise. It is also important than any gutters or downspouts are pointed away from patios to prevent water from pouring repeatedly on one area.

Weather Damage to Mortared Patios

Some patios have mortar between the bricks or stones, creating a sealed layer. The advantage of this type of patio is that it creates a firm base. However, cracks in the mortar between the bricks or stones may occur after freezing. The freezing causes shrinkage and subsequent cracking in the mortar. As the weather warms up, the damage may worsen. It is important that, when this type of damage occurs, the damaged mortar is chiselled out immediately and replaced with fresh mortar.

Cracks in Concrete Due to Weather

Winter weather can be harsh to concrete patios. The result can be cracks that worsen to the point that they become a tripping hazard. In addition, cracks can allow water to flow  underneath the concrete, causing further damage. If not attended to, subsequent temperature fluctuations can create more heaving in the soil and exacerbate the damage.  Call a specialist to deal with this type of problem if you are unsure how to solve the problem.

Choose Royal Masonry

Our knowledgeable team of professional stonemasons provide the best workmanship possible while getting the job done right the first time. Patio repair prices will vary depending on the nature of the repair, as will the length of time required to complete the project. However, our top quality service never varies, and we bring our professional approach to every job. We operate in the Kitchener- Waterloo area, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding patio repairs. Neglected repairs only worsen over time.


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