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Flagstone Patio Vs. Concrete Patio – Which is Better?


Do you want to build a patio in your yard? You might need to choose between flagstone patio and concrete patio but you don’t have any idea which is more suited to your needs.   These two types of patio have numerous differences such as appearance, durability and cost.

Flagstone patios and concrete patios both come in a variety of different forms. “Flagstone” isn’t a type of stone, rather, it is a method of processing stone and there are a number of different types of stones that are used as flagstones. In the same way that flagstone patios can be made up different types of stone, concrete patios include concrete bricks and concrete pavers as well as concrete slabs. All of this adds up to a great deal of choices for you.

Flagstones are typically made up of limestone, granite or sandstone. The stone is cut or split into flat, thick shards. Flagstone can be purchased either precisely cut into shapes or natural and “broken.” Natural flagstone is available in a range of colors that include varying shades of brown, red, green and grey.

Concrete comes in a variety of different forms as mentioned above. A concrete brick is concrete that is molded to appear as if it was a traditional clay brick. Concrete pavers are pieces of concrete that are molded, worked and sometimes colored. Generally, concrete pavers are designed to look as if it were a rock formation.

Flagstones and concrete pavers are the easiest to construct. They require that a foundation bed be dug and filled with gravel and sand atop which the flagstones or concrete pavers, as the case might be, are laid. At the end, all that is left to do is fill in the spaces between the stones or pieces of concrete with sand or a light mortar. Building a concrete slab patio is a bit more labor intensive and is tough to do with a single person. First, you have to mix a significant amount of concrete and transport it to the site as well as pour and finish it. Not a job for beginners.

A solid concrete slab will always be more durable than flagstones alone but surely enough, both will crumble over time. The best way to solve this is combining the two methods. By installing a concrete slab and finishing it with flagstones, you can enjoy both the durability of concrete and the distinct aesthetic of flagstones.