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Flagstone Walkways – Top 10 Design Ideas


If you are considering installing or replacing  flagstone walkways, read on to see our top 10 design ideas. Contact us at Royal Masonry if you are considering any type of brick, stone or concrete project on your property.


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Flagstone Walkway Ideas

This list is intended to inspire you. While every landscaping project will be different due to the unique nature of the property, the goals, and the local materials available, there are always great ideas that are transferable. Have a look at the ideas and try to imagine how a similar concept might look in your yard, then call us and take the first step in turning your idea into reality. We can help you to recreate your unique version of any of these paths.

Number 1 – Curvy and Straight

Here is a flagstone walkway idea that blends the random edges of flagstone with clean brick edges. Try this to control the shape of your walkway.

 lowneyslandscaping.com lowneyslandscaping.com

Number 2 – Windy Way

Check out this flagstone walkway that winds its way between flower beds and bushes. Consider creating a whimsical walkway like this to wow your guests.

 anthonylandscapes.com anthonylandscapes.com

Number 3 – Clean and Green

They say that some people always think that the grass is greener on the other side. We say, let the grass grow between the flagstones in your walkway to give a “wilder” and more natural appearance to your yard.

Number 4 – The Land Beyond

Let your pathway lead you to a land beyond a gateway! We don’t know where this path goes but it looks good getting there!

 funwithplants.com funwithplants.com

Number 5 – Circle Round

Flagstone walkways leading to a fire pit is fun and a great use of a larger yard. Consider creating an area where you and your guests can relax during those warm summer evenings.

 Hometalk Hometalk

Number 6 – Brick a Brack

Mixing flagstone with brick allows you to create patterns that would not be possible with flagstone alone. Generate seemingly random patterns or something with a little structure to it – like this one.

 From the Los Angeles Times From the Los Angeles Times

Number 7 – Stairs and Slopes

Combining stairs with walkways makes a lot of sense for sloping or hilly properties. Dream up a combination of flagstone walkways and stairs like this one – but unique to your property.

 hometone.com hometone.com

Number 8 – Gravelly Garden

What if you don’t like grass and have a small yard? Create a short flagstone walkway that travels through gravel. It’s easy to maintain but offers much more than simple gravel.

 WordPress.com WordPress.com

Number 9 – Fairies and Flagstones

Do you have some trees on your property? Design a fairy tale flagstone walkway that leads to a charming little stone bench like the one in this image. What if you don’t like stone benches? Simple – add a garden swing or wooden bench instead.

 Zillow Zillow

Number 10 – Take A Walk On The Wildside

Impress your neighbours and add curb appeal to your property by connecting your flagstone walkway to the sidewalk. Add a few small plants to create visual interest and you have yourself a walkway that will have people talking while they are walking!

 Leveridgelandscapedesign Leveridgelandscapedesign

Royal Masonry

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