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Garden Walls: Which is a Better Choice – Brick or Stone?


Are you planning to build a garden wall? Or, are you thinking of renovating your garden walls? Whether you are planning to build or renovating your garden walls, you may be thinking also which one to use – brick or stone?

Both stone and brick walls are an excellent choice if you wish to have a more durable structure compare to wooden fence. Garden walls in brick or stone may be more expensive than a wooden fence, but it’ll certainly weather attractively and last a lifetime.

To help you decide with your garden wall, we will compare brick and stone and see how they stack up against each other:


Stone and bricks are both durable as construction materials. They are both excellent choices for garden walls. However, if you are looking to build something that can outlive you by a long stretch, stone is a better pick.


In terms of flexibility, brick is more flexible than stone. It can be used in many structures compare to stone. But stone has the advantage of being used to create unique patterns in ways which brick cannot.

Price and Ease of Use

In general, brick is less expensive than stone. So, if you’re main concern is keeping your costs down, you better go for brick.


In the end, the decision about whether to use stone or brick will still depends on you. Both materials have timeless appeal, which means it still depends on your personal preference. But then, if you are really concern about the price, brick is less expensive.

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