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Heritage Barns: Why Preserve Them


Barns are some of the oldest surviving structures that we have in Ontario. They hold the stories of our past and deserve to be preserved for our future generations. But heritage barns not only have historical value, they can also be a viable commercial structure. In this post we will explore why heritage barns should be restored and look at several uses for them. If you own or are thinking of purchasing a heritage structure with stone features, and are unsure of how to begin the restoration process, contact the stone masonry experts at Royal Masonry.

 Image Source: Pinterest from Architectural Digest Image Source: Pinterest from Architectural Digest

What Is A Heritage Barn?

A barn can be considered a heritage barn for several reasons. It can be because it’s connected to an important person or significant historical event in your community. It can also be considered heritage if it relates to a crucial time in the development of an area. For example, barns which were constructed between 1870 and 1900 are a reminder of the influx of pioneer settlers that came to Canada according to HeritageBrandon.ca. To learn how properties get a heritage designation, click here.

Heritage Barns In Ontario

According to Jon Radojikovic, author of “Barns of the Queen’s Bushand in 2007”, Ontario is home to many different styles and types of heritage barns including rectangular barns, round barns, decorative brick barns (with patterned brick serving as vents), stone barns, polygonal barns, and barns with multi-shaped cupolas to name a few.

Why Preserve Heritage Barns?

Many of the heritage barns in Ontario are some of the earliest structures of our area. They stand as a reminder of our agricultural and rural heritage. The city of Kitchener, for example, allocated $330,000 to preserve the foundations of one of the oldest barns in the region, the Schoerg barn, according to therecord.com. It had been demolished in 2004 and it was part of the first homestead in the Waterloo region. This barn, in particular, is important to many people as they see it as the birthplace of Waterloo county. Many other barns also hold great historical significance and therefore should be preserved.

Uses For Heritage Barns

Heritage barns are not only a wonderful reminder of our past and therefore merit preservation,  they also can serve a dual purpose. If you are a history buff or if you want to make sure that our past is preserved for future generations, why not consider purchasing and restoring an old barn? You too can enjoy a piece of local history. The following are some possible uses for a restored heritage barn. To learn more about the rules surrounding a heritage restoration, click here.

1. Concert Venue

A restored heritage barn can make a beautiful and spacious location for concerts. North on 29 in Carleton Place, Ontario, is a heritage barn that was originally restored as a restaurant but has recently opened as a concert venue. The wonderful historic atmosphere would make it an awesome place to enjoy some great entertainment.

2. Winery

Antique barns are the perfect structure to house wineries, with enough space for a barrel room, tasting room, and staff facilities. A great example of this is Closson Chase Vineyard in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

3. Wedding Barn

 Image Source: Pinterest from rideaulakesweddingplanner.com Image Source: Pinterest from rideaulakesweddingplanner.com

A heritage barn is a beautiful setting for a wedding, especially if you are planning a rustic country theme. Many barns have been transformed inside as well to host the reception afterward. One such barn is Fields on West Lake in beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario.

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