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How Professional Stonemasons Go About Repointing Brick Walls


Did you ever wonder how professional stonemasons go about repointing brick walls? Repointing is a skill acquired by stonemasons over years of training and experience. Don’t attempt to repoint your walls. Contact Royal Masonry when you need repointing done on your property.


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Professional Repointing

Stonemasons understand the importance of carrying out their job according to time-honored skills that are acquired over years of training. Repointing is a skill that is best not attempted by individuals. Below we summarize some of the key steps in repointing a wall professionally. Read our post entitled, “When Should I Repoint Bricks?” for advice about knowing when your walls require repointing.

Step 1 Removing The Old Mortar

Professional stonemasons remove the old mortar from between the bricks using a combination of tools that may include chisels, angle grinders, and grout saws. Care must be taken not to damage the brickwork during this process. Excess dust will be brushed out before moving on to the next stage. Stonemasons will not remove all the mortar at once for fear of damaging the integrity of the wall. Rather they work in sections.

Step 2 Ensure The Wall Is Wet

Ensure that the wall is sprayed thoroughly the night before applying the new mortar. Dry brickwork will suck the moisture out of the new mortar, weakening it. The walls should be sprayed at regular intervals during the application of the new mortar to maintain the dampness of the wall. For more information regarding the skill of repointing, see our post entitled, “An Overview of Repointing.”

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Step 3 Mix The New Mortar

Preparing the new mortar to the correct specifications is vital. Modern houses require standard Portland mix. Older homes, however, require mixes composed of sand and lime. Newer mortar is harder and more durable than the older mix and may cause brickwork to split or crack. If you are unsure what type of mortar has been used on your property, contact a professional stonemason.

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Step 4 Apply The New Mortar

Mortar should be applied between the bricks with care and precision. Professional stonemasons use specialized mortar trowels or margin trowels. It is best to work on the wall from the top to bottom. Mortar is allowed to overlap over the brickwork at this point. After it has been left to dry, and then the excess mortar is cleaned off with a wire brush.

Step 5 Finish And Clean Up

Professionals understand the importance of keeping their work area clean and safe. This includes cleaning up the workplace when the project is completed.

Royal Masonry and Repointing

Repointing requires skill and pride in workmanship. Expert repointing is made possible by using a professional approach to every job. Our team has been operating in the Kitchener – Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph area for many years.  We are committed to delivering customer service that is second to none.  We believe in carrying out our work efficiently, quickly, and with minimum disruption. Call us today for a face-to-face appointment.


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