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How To Install A Window In A Brick Wall Top 10 YouTube Videos


Looking to add an extra window to your home or another existing brick building? Want to replace old or damaged windows? This article lists off the top 10 most helpful YouTube videos showing DIY window installation. Keep in mind that DIY installation comes with many challenges. You can avoid potential pitfalls and costly repairs by working with experienced professionals. Contact Royal Masonry to learn more!

How To Install A Window In A Brick Wall: Top 10 YouTube Videos

In this section, we’ll share the top 10 most helpful YouTube videos that show how to install a window in a brick wall. All of these videos made the list as they are straightforward and easy to follow. Check them out now!

#1: How To Cut A Brick Wall Opening – DIY At Bunnings

Why It Made The List: This video is less than 2 minutes long, yet still provides a thorough and concise method for creating a brick wall opening. At the beginning of the video, the viewer is shown the tools required to create an opening for a new window, door, or other access point. Many DIY videos only show how to replace an existing window, but this video shows how to begin the process if you are adding a new window to your home!

#2: Replacing A Casement Window In A Brick Opening –
Matt Risinger

Why It Made The List: This thorough video packs a lot of information into just 5 minutes! Matt Risinger guides the viewer as he explains how to replace a casement window specifically in a brick wall. This video is high-quality and easy to follow, even for beginnger do-it-yourselfers.

#3: DIY: How To Cut An Opening In A Wall – brizen reviews

Why It Made The List: This 7-minute video shows the process of installing a brand new window into a bricked garage wall from start to finish. It provides necessary details such as materials needed to complete the job and important safety equipment. It also provides honest information about DIY projects, even stating that professionals are likely to get the job done in a different, potentially more efficient, way.

#4: How To Mount A Window – RationalWindowsDoors

Why It Made The List: This short, 3 1/2 minute video is great for homeowners who are simply replacing a window and need to know how to properly mount it. This video shows two professional installers at work, so you can see how experienced workers handle the job.

#5: Installing Replacement Windows – Step-By-Step – stephenepoe

Why It Made The List: This thorough video is one of the longest on our list, and shows the step-by-step process for removing old windows and replacing them with new ones in a brick wall. Kaitlin Poe guides the viewer from measuring the windows to adding caulking to the brick to ensuring the right amount is added. This great video shows exactly what it’s like to replace a window in a brick wall. It gives the viewer a good idea of what their own DIY installation might look like.

#6: How To Install A Window In An Existing Block Wall – Robert Hoskinson

Why It Made The List: This video shows how to cut an opening in a home constructed of blocks instead of traditional bricks. The video takes the viewer through the process using progress pictures, beginning with an empty wall and ending with a large window-sized opening. Each image is accompanied by text explaining the DIY process.

#7: How To Replace Block Frame Windows Without Disturbing Brick Or Siding – Pella Windows and Doors

Why It Made The List: This 8-minute long video includes animated 3D diagrams to show the process of replacing a window in a brick wall. This video focuses on ensuring the replacement process does not disturb or harm your existing brick or siding, which many homeowners worry about when DIY window replacing. We also chose this video as the narrator clearly communicates all the necessary steps and is easy to follow along.

#8: Installing Windows On A Brick Or Cinder Block Home –
Eric Cosh

Why It Made The List: This 12-minute video shows how to install a new window in an existing window opening. The two installers provide great tips along the way, as well as information on staying safe during the job. They also show you both the interior and exterior installation process.

#9: How To Make Opening In A Block Wall – getAMCI

Why It Made The List: Another quick and simple installation video, this 2 1/2 minute video shows how to make an opening of any size in a cinder block wall. As the video goes on, text appears to show the viewer what tools or next steps are needed to complete the project. If you already have a general idea of how to make an opening in your block wall, this video is a great quick reminder for the important steps to follow before you begin your project.

#10: How to Cut Brick Walls With The Arbortech AS170 –ArbortechAust

Why It Made The List: This is a great video that shows how to cut right through brick and make a new space for your window or even a door. It specifically showcases the Arbortech AS170 tool made for masonry work – showing the viewer that if you want to complete a DIY project, it is generally much easier when you have the right tools involved!

Royal Masonry – Your Stone Mason Experts

Do you want to add a window or door opening to your home, but aren’t sure if DIY is right for you?

Although doing-it-yourself may seem appealing due to upfront cost savings, it is often not the best choice for the average homeowner. With even the smallest sawing mistake, your window opening could come out too big or too small.

Another potential issue homeowners may run into is not knowing if their wall is load bearing or not. Cutting into a load bearing wall can cause serious structural issues. There may also be local building permits or bylaws that regulate adding windows or doors to homes. Working with an experienced contractor will ensure you don’t run into these potentially serious structural or legal problems.

If you are inexperienced with the tools required to complete a DIY project, you may accidentally injure yourself or others working with you. Cutting through stone and brick can also be tiring. If you are not prepared, you risk heat exhaustion or muscle strains.

The best way to avoid these potential DIY pitfalls is by working with experienced professionals. If you have any masonry projects in mind or if you require brick or stonework repairs, contact the master stone masons at Royal Masonry. Royal Masonry has built a solid reputation for the highest quality workmanship at the most reasonable rate. Work with Royal Masonry today for the best results.