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How To Repair Damaged Stonework In Kitchener-Waterloo


If you are a historic home owner or the manager of a historic property you likely already know that there are specialized skills and techniques required to repair your stone building. This blog post will help you understand the process of fixing up damaged stonework, and learn how a professional stonemason can help you. To restore your damaged stonework requires technical know-how, special tools and a skill set that comes from years of experience. Contact us at Royal Masonry if you are needing to repair the stonework on your home or business.


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Damaged stonework can mar the beauty of an older home, create a run-down appearance on a commercial building, make an urban dwelling appear ramshackle, and eventually cause structural damage. One of the stonemason’s skills is to repair, or replace damaged stonework and return a building to its former glory.

Stonemasons generally follow a series of crucial steps when they are employed to repair a property. We have listed them below.

Assess the Damage

An experienced stonemason will take time to assess damage and determine what exactly requires repairing. Although to a casual observer the damage may look minimal, a professional stonemason will understand what requires replacing and how far the damage reaches. In the long run, their expertise  may prevent unnecessary expense for the property owner.

Match The Stonework

A property owner will expect as close a match as possible to the existing stonework and a professional stonemason will do their best to make that happen. If it is a heritage home or older building undergoing restoration it may be possible to trace the original source and make a match.

Removing Damaged Stonework

Stonemasons use angle grinders and circular saws to cut out the old stonework. They will remove stones until they are satisfied that they have removed all damaged and deteriorating stone until all that is left is the cavity. The cavity is now ready to be filled with a freshly shaped stone.

Cutting New Stonework

Cutting new stonework to fit the cavity requires a stonemason to use a diamond blade saw and grinder. An experienced stonemason understands that they will be required to leave more stone than is necessary in order to shape and match the newly placed stone to the surrounding surfaces.

Working On the Surface

Now that the new stones are in place the stonemason will work the stone to match the texture of the existing stonework. He will use professional tools of the trade to accomplish this including a flat blade, a pointed, and a tooth chisel. Numerous techniques are used to work the stone’s surface including, split face, margin split face, pointed and tooth-chiselled techniques.

Setting The Repaired Area

It is vital to get the correct mixture of mortar to fix the new stonework in place. An improper mixture may cause premature crumbling of the mortar and will require further repairs to be made. At Royal Masonry, our experienced stonemasons are professionals who understand the importance of getting the job done right the first time.

Why Royal Masonry?

At Royal Masonry, we have a seasoned team of professionals who care about our craft. If you require any type of stonework repair, don’t hesitate to call us for a quote. We will provide superlative workmanship and customer service.