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Planning to renovate your barn? Here are few tips to help you turn old barn into gorgeous


The foundation, roof and gutters are three essential elements to consider when planning to renovate your barn. Many problems could happen when you couldn’t anticipate it, even barns look in great shape could carry potential risks behind it.


Tip #1: Examine the foundation.

First and foremost, be sure the foundation of your barn is perfectly solid. Some of the barns have shifted over time and become insufficient as they were built on rock substructures.

If the foundation is solid and the ground that the barn sits on hasn’t washed away from the supporting pillars, then you’re in good shape. Some companies are expert at fixing problems for barns foundation in poor condition. However, don’t rely on quick fixes or temporary solutions. The repair may look great for a while, but it almost likely will breakdown. It might lead to something even worse. If the repair is done properly, you can add another 100 years for your barn.

Here’s your check list for your foundation:

·       Check if the structure’s foundation is solid.

·       Look for standing water.

·       Evaluate your posts.

·       Inspect the mortar of the stone.

Tip #2: Critically assess the roof.

In the past, roof coverings on agricultural buildings have a number of types from wooden shingles to slate and early metal to asphalt shingles and modern metal. Therefore, requirements for maintenance and repair for each of them would be different, but all have the same purpose that help your roof can last for years if maintained properly.

For small roof problems, a spot fix can be sufficient. However, for bigger issues, always consult a licensed barn builder who is well versed in both repairs and replacements. If you are reading this and need help with your barn, we are here to help you. Let’s contact the experts at Royal Masonry now!!

Here’s your check list for your roof:

·       Look at the roof from a distance.

·       Zoom in close to evaluate the details.

·       Inspect it from inside.

Tip #3: Evaluate the gutters.

As you know, the strong and watertight roof with good gutters is your best tool to against negative aspect could happen for your barn. Barns will definitely need good gutter systems to collect the storm-water that lands on the roof and guide it away from the barn to prevent damages, such as the structure and the foundation, as much as possible.

Any problems with the gutter are the least expensive to fix in consideration of barn renovation, but if it is neglected, the results could be worse.

Here’s your check list for your gutters:

·       Trace the path of gutters and downspouts.

·       Check for other gutter-related complications.

If you wanted to ensure everything is okay, take time to walk around the barn sometimes, from inside to outside. Makes sure it’s sturdy, not wobble and not any hidden damages. There also should be no movement in the loft floor and if there is, you need to reevaluate before diving into a renovation.

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