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Retaining Wall Build And Maintenance In Kitchener-Waterloo


If your property is located on a slope or has a hillside on one or more sides, you may require a retaining wall, or retaining wall maintenance. The Kitchener – Waterloo area is particularly hilly and many retaining walls can be seen in the area. In this post, we will state the purpose of a retaining wall, discuss some uses, explain why a stonemason is the best choice for your project, and talk about the importance of retaining wall maintenance. If your property is in need of a retaining wall, or retaining wall maintenance,  contact us today.


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What Is A Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is a carefully constructed wall that can hold tons of soil, even water saturated soil, and prevent it from entering an area of a property where it is unwelcome. Retaining walls can be built of timber, stone, brick, concrete blocks, and reinforced concrete. All of these have different capabilities, advantages, and disadvantages.

Retaining Wall Uses

Retaining walls have been used for millennia to hold back mass and prevent soil pressures on certain areas. In other words, they were mostly functional, with the designers less concerned about the visual impact the wall might have.

More recently, retaining walls have become popular in landscaping, where homeowners may wish to control or shape their property in a particular way. Often, a homeowner may wish to use retaining walls to improve the appearance of his property, create a particular atmosphere, add intrigue and mystery, as well as create a functional wall.

The Stonemason And The Retaining Wall

As there are significant pressures on retaining walls, the larger and more complex the structure required, the greater the need for an experienced professional. Although smaller projects may be adequately completed by the handyman, most retaining walls are best designed and maintained by stonemasons, who are familiar with the science behind the construction of a wall.

Retaining Wall Maintenance

Although most retaining walls are relatively simple in design, many are poorly constructed and maintained. We are all familiar with the neighbourhood wall that has cracks and bulges, and leans at an awkward angle. These types of walls can be dangerous both to property and people and are, at the very least, an eyesore. The primary cause of poorly maintained retaining walls is a lack of drainage. Saturated soils must have somewhere to drain, and often a sagging wall doesn’t. If you have a retaining wall on your property that resembles the above description, don’t postpone repairing it. Doing so can lead to much more expensive and extensive repairs down the road, so contact a reliable stonemason as soon as possible.

Royal Masonry

Royal Masonry consists of a team of professional stonemasons whose mission is to provide the best workmanship possible while getting the job done right the first time. Top quality service is guaranteed and we bring our professional approach to every job. If you are looking for satisfaction, then rest assured that we will not be satisfied until you are! We operate in the Kitchener- Waterloo area, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding repointing. Retaining wall build time varies from project to project but typically takes a few days.


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