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Stone Masonry Services in Southern Ontario


If you require stone masonry services in Southern Ontario, contact the stone masonry professionals at Royal Masonry. If you require a commercial restoration or a simple backyard project such as a installing a retaining wall or fireplace, Royal Masonry has the expertise to complete it at a competitive rate. We also specialize in new commercial construction, repointing, and specialty work such as masonry signs or heritage homes. In this post we will further explain our services and explain why you should trust your next stone masonry project to Royal Masonry.

Stone Masonry Services

Royal Masonry provides a wide range of masonry services such as commercial restoration, retaining walls, backyard projects, new commercial construction, repointing, and specialty work. Whatever type of service you require, whether it is an elaborate restoration or a smaller masonry project, we will take the same care and give you the excellent service that our customers have come to appreciate from us.

Commercial Restoration

Have you recently purchased an older building in which to start your new restaurant, office or retail outlet? Older structures often have lots of character, but they may need some specialized attention. At Royal Masonry, we can help you with any type of repair or restoration work that you need from fixing coverings over openings in windows and doors to cracks in the stonework in the wall. Let us help you restore your commercial building to its original glory at a price that won’t break your budget.

We can also do insurance claims. If you have a claim, come to us for a competitive quote. We will repair any damage with the highest degree of quality craftsmanship and bring your building back to its original beauty.

In addition, we can install doors as well as masonry signs or plaques. And if any of the brickwork in your building requires repointing, we are able to repair it before any further and more costly damage occurs.

Retaining Walls

If your property is sloped or graded, installing a retaining wall could be a great solution for making that land more usable. In fact, very few properties in southern Ontario are perfectly flat. A retaining wall can effectively hold back soil from eroding and also give you level areas which can be made into extra gardening or entertaining areas.

At Royal Masonry, we can construct beautiful retaining walls out of either natural or man-made material depending on your preference and the look you are trying to achieve. A retaining wall can simply function as a dividing wall or it can also double as a planter, rockery, or garden wall.

Backyard Projects

Does your backyard need a makeover? Why not consider adding some beautiful stonework features? The natural beauty of stone will blend perfectly in any outdoor setting and it is extremely durable because it is made to withstand the elements.

The stone masonry craftsman at Royal Masonry will design and install eye-catching rockeries, water fountains, wishing wells, or ponds that will dazzle your guests. If you are looking for something a little more functional to double as a showpiece, why not install an outdoor fireplace, wood fire pit, natural gas fire pit, or a contained fireplace? Imagine the pleasant spring, summer, and fall evenings you could enjoy gathered around an inviting outside fire with your friends and family.

At Royal Masonry, we are also experts at laying flagstone for gorgeous and inviting walkways, decks, and stairways. We can also construct driveways, walks, and poolsides using classic or intricate interlocking stone patterns. You can even have us transform your basic entranceway into a thing of beauty with the addition of pillars or a marble inlaid wall. The choices are endless!

New Commercial Construction

The latest trend for many restaurants and businesses is to showcase a bare stone wall as a unique and rustic design feature. Is there a new commercial construction project in your plans? Contact the stonework experts at Royal Masonry for all of your masonry requirements. Click here to see some wonderful examples of bare brick wall designs.

The professionals at Royal Masonry can also greatly improve the look of your windows and entranceways by surrounding them with attractive and artistic brickwork patterns. Perhaps you would like to install an outdoor oven or BBQ. We can be of assistance. In fact, Royal Masonry can work on any type of commercial construction from restaurants to strip plazas, offices to retail outlets.


If your brickwork is 25 years or older, you may need to consider having it repointed. Repointing is the process of removing and replacing mortar that has become damaged over time. The bricks themselves are often still in good shape. However, the mortar surrounding the bricks usually begins to deteriorate after 25 years. It is important to replace the mortar as soon as you notice signs of deterioration so that the actual bricks will not be affected, as that could end up costing you even more. If, however,  your bricks have become damaged as well, we can also replace them. Learn more about repointing here.

Free Quotes

Are you wondering how much the project you have in mind would cost? Click here to fill in our contact form to get a free no obligation quote. If you prefer, we can even visit your job site to give you an idea if what your are thinking is possible and what it would involve at no cost to you.

Need Stone Masonry Services? Contact Royal Masonry

The team at Royal Masonry has built a solid reputation for superior customer service and the highest quality stone masonry craftsmanship in Southern Ontario. Our mission is to provide you with the best quality workmanship at the right price. You can be certain that we will get the job done right the first time. Our professional approach and superior customer service means that you can relax in the knowledge that your project is in safe hands. That’s why you can trust Royal Masonry with any masonry service you require. We are located in beautiful Elmira in Southern Ontario and we service the communities surrounding the Kitchener-Waterloo region up to an hour away.  Contact us today, to find out for yourself why our customers highly recommend us to their friends and family.