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What Is Tuck-pointing? – A Specialized Stonemason Skill


Have you ever wondered what tuck-pointing is? In this post, we will take a look at the definition of tuck-pointing, advise you when to get tuck-pointing done, and demonstrate how a modern stonemason can assist you with a tuck-pointing project. Call us if you have a tuck-pointing project that requires a professional stonemason.


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The Definition of Tuck-pointing

The definition of tuck-pointing according to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary is “to finish (the mortar joints between bricks or stones) with a narrow ridge of putty or fine lime mortar.” Tuck-pointing is a specialized stonemason skill that was has been handed down and improved over millenia.

 Old, damaged brickwork and mortar Old, damaged brickwork and mortar

Why Tuck-pointing is Important

The extremes of the Canadian climate play havoc with masonry, particularly the joints between bricks or stones. If your property is not properly maintained, the constant temperature fluctuations can cause the mortar between masonry blocks to crack and crumble, exposing the interior to rain and other potential damage. Professional stonemasons are experts at examining your property and protecting your home from weather damage.

Watch this video demonstrating tuck – pointing on a historic English building.

How Tuck-pointing Is Done

Basically, there are four steps involved in tuck-pointing:

  • Remove the damaged mortar by grinding or routing.
  • Filling in the grooves with mortar.
  • Creating fine grooves in the new mortar.
  • Filling the new grooves with mortar that matches the original as closely as possible.

For more tips on how to Tuckpoint we suggest you check out this fantastic article from The Balance.

When Should I Have Tuck-pointing Done?

When you begin to see cracks in the mortar it is time to call a professional stonemason. According to MyChimney.com this will take place around the 25 year mark. Don’t delay at this point. If you leave the damage unattended it will only get worse and lead to potentially very expensive repairs. For example, once the bricks and stone begin to become loose, it may already be too late for a simple tuckpointing project. At this point, bricks or stone will probably have to be removed and relaid, costing considerably more than tuck-pointing.

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