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Our team of professional masons has served the Kitchener – Waterloo region for many years. During that time we have built a strong reputation for the exceptional quality of our work. If you are planning a new commercial construction within the region, don’t hesitate to contact us for fast, reliable and professional service.

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Are you planning a new commercial building? We can help you with all aspects of the masonry work you require. If you are planning a project, contact us for any help you might need from planning stages to project completion.


Build and Maintenance in Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge & Guelph!  Retaining walls are a necessary part of many properties to prevent erosion and flooding, but they also serve as beautiful landscape pieces. Blackwell Masonry have worked in the Kitchener-Waterloo region for over 25 years, and have extensive experience building and maintaining retaining walls.


Natural stone retaining walls are one of the most classic forms of landscaping. They have been used in countless regions all over the world, and have been able to stand the test of time. A well made dry-stone wall can last for centuries. This is because the wall does not use any kind of concrete, mortar, or cement to attach rocks together.  Instead, these walls use the natural shape of the stone.

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Serving Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge & Guelph for many years/ Our team of professional masons has carried out repointing work in the Kitchener – Waterloo region for many years. During that time we have built a strong reputation for the exceptional quality of our work. If your property requires repointing we can do the job.  CLICK HERE To Contact Us Today!


While bricks are durable, the mortar that holds them together has a much shorter life. Repointing is the art of repairing damaged structures by replacing the deteriorating mortar. If left unrepaired, your property runs the risk of facing further damage due to the cracks and crevices in your brickwork. 


Choose our team of experts when you are planning to restore the original beauty of the brickwork on your property. We will repoint chimneys, fireplaces, garden walls, retaining walls, exterior walls, entranceways, stairways, BBQ pits,  and any other type of masonry on your property.


Professional restoration and Maintenance in Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge & Guelph! With the passage of time, all buildings require repairs, including commercial buildings.  At Royal Masonry, we have experience in all manner of commercial restoration projects. We can carry out restoration work on strip malls, office buildings, churches, investment properties and most other types of structures.


Restoration involves returning your property to its former condition by replacing or repairing the affected sections of the building. 

All properties wear down over time. We can restore your building to its former glory, or work with you to create a new look. 

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Blackwell’s number one focus is build quality. We stand behind our work, and we strive to create designs that will last a lifetime. We put the extra effort in across all areas of the project to ensure that it will not weather, crack, sag, flex or have any other defect. Learn more about us by clicking here.


It takes experts to carry out specialty work and we’ve been doing this work successfully in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph.  Our team of experts has successfully completed many special projects over the years. During that time we have built a strong reputation for the exceptional quality of our work. If you have a specialty project in mind, we can do the job. 

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Over and above our traditional masonry work we can also do a wide variety of other projects. Some projects that we have done include outdoor fireplaces, BBQ enclosures, decorative masonry, heritage home projects, and so much more. If you can imagine it, we can probably do it. 

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About Us

About Us

Royal Masonry is a team of seasoned professionals, capable of carrying out any type of masonry projects.  Our experts have successfully completed many projects in the Kitchener – Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and surrounding areas over the years.  Our work is characterized by exceptional quality and superlative customer service. If you have any kind of masonry project in mind, we can do the job.

Our Mission

Our mission is to always provide you with the best workmanship possible, and get it right the first time. We guarantee that we will provide nothing less than top quality service, and bring a professional approach to every job we do. We will not be satisfied unless you are satisfied.

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Custom Barn Rennovation

Is your barn deteriorating? Don’t keep it that way. We, the experts at Royal Masonry, can make your barn look as good as before, or even better!

Cool Stairs We Did

Let us help you transform your home through modern stair designs with a perfect mix of easy maintenance and wow factor.

Retaining Walls

Retaining wall does not only make your yard looks great, but it makes your property well-functional as well.

Why Should You Choose Royal Masonry?


No Falling Apart

We use the best materials and take extra care in doing the job right the first time to ensure your masonry work never falls apart in your lifetime and lasts for generations to come.

No Water Leakage

We take extra care and install extra safeguards to ensure you never have water leakage from your masonry.

No Cracks

We take special care to allow for the expansion and contraction of your masonry structures, given the wide ranging temperatures your masonry structures will encounter. In addition we use reinforcements to prevent shifting that will causes cracking.

Is the Masonry Company licensed?

Royal Masonry is fully incorporated in Ontario by the Government of Canada, with a master business license to operate anywhere professionally in Ontario.



Does the company have insurance to protect your property?

Royal Masonry has extensive insurance, but we also give you the insurance that the job will be done right the first time to avoid any future issues because want to build our company name and be know as the industry leader.

Does the company have a current active WSIB (INSURANCE FOR WORKERS)?

We always keep up with the current WSIB standards and make sure our insurance is up to date, so clearance certificates can be issued if needed.

Does the company have references that you can contact or have current photos of the jobs done by the references?

We always take photos of every job we do because of our pride in our work. References can be found on our website.  Ask us for contact information as well and we’d be happy to provide it.

What’s the Masonry Contractors current Google review rating or overall rating?

Royal Masonry is currently holding a five-star rating in both our Google reviews and Facebook. Check out our REVIEWS

Do you have a quality control guarantee, which exceeds the industry Standard?

Royal Masonry not only holds up to the industry standard but goes beyond the industry standard. Just because the job is done, doesn’t mean that is done to last for your specific situation. Ask today about a chimney concrete cap.

Does the company provide you with a written proposal with details about the scope of the project?

We not only provided you with a written proposal, but we provided you with details on the process of how the work going to be done. These details are also conveyed to each one of our staff to make sure the quality is consistent throughout the job. Company qualifications and information is always included on each one of our Estimates.

Hear What our Happy Customers Have to Say!

Conrad and his crew performed excellent work on my parents house. Repairs included rebuilding / bricking the porch and re-pointing numerous spots on the 55 year old home. The work is quality and performed with care. The old brick texture and colour was matched. We are all happy with the work and will use this company again!
P Steffler

Kitchener, Ontario

Royal Masonary restored an old stone wall which was 175ft long and built over 60 years ago. They did great work with attention to detail. They were on time, diligent and respectful of the surroundings. We would hire them again, and highly recommend them to anyone.
Bo Gedja

Waterloo, Ontario

The crew did a great job repointing some areas on our century home bricks and stone foundation, replacing a few bricks as well. The repairs match nicely. The guys were friendly, easy to talk with, and helpful. Great experience.
Paul Westerholm


Royal Masonry restored the stone foundation of our 100 year old bank barn. They were a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. They communicated well with us throughout the project, and the beautiful work by the team was completed on time and on budget. We highly recommend them to anyone.
Ian Culvey

Rural Ontario

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