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How To Fix Brick Wall Separating From House


Is your brick wall separating from your house? This can happen anywhere on the structure, but is commonly found with bricks on the home’s foundation. If you have noticed that your brick wall has begun separating from your home, there are a number of reasons why this could happen. If you’re having masonry issues, take a look at common causes and provide readers with possible solutions. For more information on masonry and repairs, contact the experts at Royal Masonry now!

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Brick Wall Separating From House – Common Causes

Bricks are strong, sturdy, and can last hundreds of years. That’s why they are so widely used. However, bricks are not perfect!

Some causes are serious – others are relatively minor. Check out this video below to see a simple fix for a brick wall that began to pull away in areas from the home, was missing mortar, and more.



A number of factors can cause individual bricks or entire brick walls to pull away from your home or building. Below we will take a look at the possible causes and what you can do about it.

Possible Cause – Foundation Problems

If you notice your bricks or brick wall is pulling away from your home around the foundation, it is possible you are dealing with a foundation problem. With an older home or a home that has been physically damaged, you may find yourself with a failing foundation.

The Solution

If your foundation has failed, this can be quite a serious problem. Unless you are a very experienced do-it-yourselfer, it is best to call in the experts with any foundation problems.

It is not likely that any online guide or video will be able to accurately provide every step needed to fix a foundation problem, as these issues can vary greatly. To assess the problem, you will want to call in a masonry expert or an engineer to figure out and fix your issue.

Possible Cause – Failing Wall Ties

 image source: ancon.co.uk image source: ancon.co.uk

Cavity wall ties help keep all of your brickwork together between the cavity walls of your home (if you aren’t sure if you have a cavity wall, find out here). After a while, or due to physical damage, wall ties to begin to erode or fail completely. When wall ties fail, your bricks may begin to pull away from your house.

The Solution

One possible solution is to change and replace the failing wall ties yourself. This requires a good deal of knowledge about brickwork, tools, and construction.

You must be able to identify:

  • What a cavity wall looks like
  • What types of wall ties were used (wire ties or strip ties) – you have to use a metal detector or advanced equipment to determine this
  • If you have cavity installation installed or not
  • What type of brick(s) you have on your wall
  • Which tie should be used for each type of brick
  • Correct wall tie spacing
  • How many ties should be used
  • And more!

The process for replacing wall ties can be tricky, and as we see above, it requires a lot of general knowledge about masonry. If you are interested in learning how to replace wall ties on your own, check out this extensive guide from DIY Doctor.

If you are not comfortable working with your brickwork in this way, the best solution is to call on an experienced engineer or masonry expert. Failing wall ties can lead to structural damage to your home, which can cause dangerous conditions.

Working with an expert may cost more upfront, but you can rest assured knowing that your home is no longer a possible danger to you and your family. You can also rest assured knowing that with professional help, you will likely not need any other repairs on your brickwork for a very long time!

Possible Cause – Loose Bricks

If you are worried that your brick wall is pulling away from your home, you may actually have a simpler problem on your hands. A group of loose bricks can make it appear that your wall is coming loose.

The problem may just be that a section of bricks that have, for whatever reason, come out of place. One way to determine is this may be your problem is to examine your bricks. If you notice a large crack around a section of bricks, it is likely you have an isolated problem.

The Solution

If you are positive that your brick wall is moving due to a select few bricks that have come out of place, you can consider a do-it-yourself repair using masonry repair anchors. See the step-by-step process below to help you install your anchors.

Step 1: Determine where you will place your masonry anchors
Step 2: Drill “pilot holes” to access the backing wall system
Step 3: Drill secondary pilot holes through the first pilot holes to reach the backup framing
Step 4: Use the secondary pilot hole to “guide” the repair anchor through to the right placement within the bricks
Step 5: Install the repair anchor into the framing by inserting the anchor through the hole in the masonry to the pilot hole
Step 6: Screw the anchor into the framing (this is done with a special tool that usually comes with repair anchor kits)
Step 7: Install the sleeve – this provides grip for the anchor in your masonry
Step 8: Install the furrel into the sleeve and tighten, then tuck point the holes to seal everything off

For more information and diagrams for this step-by-step process, visit cincihomepro.com

Like all other masonry problems, if you do not have experience with construction or DIY home improvement, it is always best to rely on the knowledge and experience of a masonry professional.

Unfortunately, you may end up doing more harm than good – and costing yourself more money down the road if you make mistakes along the repair process.

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