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How to Repair Damaged Patios In Kitchener-Waterloo


Listed below we have some basic steps for taking care of damaged masonry patios. If you need some help, the team at Royal Masonry are experts at repairing damaged patios. Whether your masonry patio is made of concrete, flagstones, bricks, or paving stones, simply contact the professionals.


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Causes of Damage

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the summer outdoors on the patio with friends and family? However, a damaged patio can make the experience embarrassing or even dangerous. A variety of issues can cause patios to become damaged. These can include, but are not limited to, poor installation techniques, extreme weather conditions, downspouts, root growth, back-settling, and general wear and tear. Pool patios can have issues with sinking and water damage.

Brick or Paving Stones

A common problem with a brick or paving stone patio is sinking. Many patios have spots where the bricks or stone have sunk, leaving a depressed area. Sometimes it is caused by poor installation work. Downspouts that fail to divert water away from the patio effectively can wash away patio foundations. Usually, the problem can be resolved by removing the bricks or stones from the problem area, and filling in the holes before replacing them. The depressed area can be filled with sand, gravel, and if necessary, a layer of concrete into which the bricks or stones should be replaced.

If the bricks or stones were mortared into place, a depression might indicate a more serious problem, usually related to drainage. Any drainage issues should be resolved, but if they cannot be, then the new concrete should be reinforced with wire.

Smaller issues can often be handled by a handyman, but if you are unsure or unable to make repairs, contact a professional.  Check out our post entitled “5 Great Brickwork Ideas For Patios.”

Concrete Patio Damage

Concrete often will show surface cracks that can become more serious if left unattended over time.  A concrete resurfacing compound that is similar to concrete but thinner can be poured over the cracks. Then a light coat can be applied over the entire surface, covering the repair work. Any decorative effects can then be added to complete the repairs.

If the damage is more serious, then substantial repairs may be required. Assess the damage. A patio that has a considerable number of damaged areas may not respond well to patches. The repair itself may then deteriorate more quickly than hoped for. Also, the patches will be a different colour than the existing concrete, creating an unattractive finish. In a case like this, it may be wiser to call in a professional who can assess the damage and advise you whether the area can be patched or if should be completely replaced.

Repairing Cracked Concrete

Below is a short video with instructions for repairing cracked concrete.

Damaged Patios and Royal Masonry

Our team of professional stonemasons, whose mission is to provide our customers with the best workmanship possible, are trained to repair all types of damaged patios. We bring our renowned, quality workmanship and our professional approach to every job we tackle. Royal Masonry operates in the Kitchener-Waterloo area and we believe in providing you with the royal treatment! Most projects can be completed in a few days or even a few hours or less while getting the job done right the first time.


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