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Reasons to Hire A Professional Stone Mason to Build Your Flagstone Walkways


Some people prefer to hire amateur stonemasons because they offer cheaper services but hiring professional stone masons in building your flagstone walkways has more benefits in the long run. Here we will discuss the skill sets of a professional stone mason and why we should hire them.

We only work with the professionals so contact Royal Masonry if you have a flagstone, brick or stone walkway project.

What Separates a Professional Stone Mason From an Amateur?

What separates the professional from the amateur? Training, skill, and expertise are the key factors a stone mason brings to the job. Although Stone masonry is a voluntary certification trade, professional stone masons must meet the “Apprenticeship Training Standard” laid out by the Ontario College of Trades in order to work as a professionally recognized stone mason. The Ontario College of Trades lays out the standards required and those who meet the standards following training are awarded certification. The competency standards for stone masons are listed in the Competency Analysis Profile. 

Key Competencies

Some of the key competencies included in the certification for stone masons include:

  • The ability to identify and maintain tools and equipment
  • Inspect and use material handling and safety equipment
  • Identify and establish job requirements
  • Prepare the job site
  • Adapt the job site environment and install temporary masonry support structures
  • Clean and disassemble the work site and install wall system accessories
  • Apply grout, place mortar, prepare masonry units
  • Lay out masonry
  • Build structural masonry and refractory systems
  • Build non-structural masonry fireplaces; maintain and restore existing masonry
  • Waterproof below grade masonry; demonstrate safe working practices and procedures

Flagstone Walkways and Other Stone and Brick Structures

If you’re looking for experts in building flagstone walkways, installing stones and building brick structures, you should hire professional stone masons. Professional stone masons took years to hone their craft and upgrade their skills. We, at Royal Masonry, can do more than flagstone walkways. We have an extensive list of services such as commercial restoration projects, retaining walls, new commercial construction, repointing,  and specialty work.

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