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Top 5 Design Ideas for Flagstone Walkways


Tired of your old flagstone walkways? Try these top 5 design ideas on your patio. Collaborate with us in Royal Masonry to make your dream walkway come true.


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Flagstone Walkway Ideas

Every landscaping project needs a design that caters to the needs and personality of the property owner, that is why we gathered the top 5 design ideas to inspire you. Customize and have fun with your ideas, we will do the dirty work for you!

Number 1 – Curves and Straight edge


A fun design idea is to combine straight edges and curvy flagstone. This will surely liven up your walkway.

Number 2 – Magical Winding Path


Every wak should be an experience, why not put a winding walkway around your flower bushes. What a magical way to wow your guests!

Number 3 – Fresh and Simple

Love the color green? This combination of random flagstone cuts and bermuda grass in between is such a feast to your eyes.

Number 4 – Flagstones and Bricks

From the Los Angeles Times

Looking for a unique pattern? Mixing bricks with flagstone will satisfy your edgy style.

Number 5 – Zen Garden


Create that Japanese inspired zen garden by combining white gravel with flagstone pathway.

Royal Masonry

Choosing a  professional stonemason to build and install your flagstone patio is the best investment you can give your home. They have practiced and learned their skill for years so don’t settle for amateurs. We at Royal Masonry, only invest in the best skilled professional stonemason to work for us. Don’t hesitate to contact us to build the walkway of your dreams.